A veterinarian’s plan for navigating COVID-19

During this pandemic, veterinary practices are limited to practicing urgent care and seeing only sick patients. As a result, practice revenues and bottom line are being severely impacted

Yes, times are tough.

The pet care industry has always been resilient in economic downturns, but is it somehow different this time?

The social distancing and shelter-in-place measures consider preventive care non-essential and have completely eliminated wellness visits. What this means is that previously scheduled appointments have to be postponed until further notice. Some practices are abandoning heartworm testing and preventative care all together. For the average practice, wellness appointments represent 30-50% of their bottom line. So practice owners are worried about missing a chunk of their revenue from preventive medicine, and rightfully so. 

Many of us are wondering about the future of our practice. Perhaps time has come for veterinarians to embrace this change because not only is the future of veterinary practices are on the line, more importantly, so is pet health.

What can we do NOW to ensure the health of our patients and practices going forward?

We’ve crafted a plan to help veterinary practices adapt and even thrive in today’s conditions. The plan takes a simplified and practical approach to helping you give your clients and staff the best experience possible as we adapt to our “new normal”.  Follow along with us as we take you through evaluating alternative channels for delivering patient care, exploring new revenue channels and implementing what’s right for you and your team. 

If you’re an independent veterinary practice, it’s important that we educate ourselves on the strategic options and that we have a plan to help us navigate through these uncertain times. 

Join our upcoming webinar on May 12th 11am EST to learn more about creating a practice that can withstand today’s reality and get your FREE guide to implementing these tools and strategies in your practice.

Here’s a list of the delivery strategies that we’ll cover:

  1. Telehealth (Teletriage, Telemedicine)
  2. E-commerce
  3. Membership-based care plans
  4. Payment options for clients
  5. Client communication platforms

We will show you exactly when and how to implement each one for a seamless client and staff experience. At the end of our webinar, you’ll get access to our resource library and templates to help you plan your delivery strategies for your practice.

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