Improve pet health, unlock new revenue

Milo is an all-in-one solution to help your veterinary practice increase preventive healthcare compliance.

Personalized preventive care plans

Plans valuable for your practice and pet parents

With Milo, its now easy to create personalized plans to every pet’s needs. Personalized plans are more valuable for pet parents and help them see the value of preventive care.


Everything you need to hit your practice's wellness goals, in one solution

Automatically process payments directly in the Milo app. Easy monthly payments make Milo Plans accessible to all pet parents.

* Plan pricing is based on your clinic’s unique price list

track services and send reminders

Increase preventive care compliance and improve pet health

Help pet parents give their furry family members the best care by tracking their services redeemed and automatically reminding them when its time to come in to see the vet!

advanced reporting and analytics

Clearly see how your wellness program is performing

Measure performance and take data-driven business initiatives to the next level. Make real-time changes to plans and pricing and watch your bottom line grow!

Helping you achieve your practice’s goals

Practices with plans are more profitable, capture clients that otherwise won’t follow preventative care recommendations, and help pet parents provide their furry family members with the best care possible.

10 -15%↑
Bottom Line
20 %↑
New Clients
2 x↑
Clinic Visits
Speak with one of our wellness experts today to discover how you can take advantage of Milo to reach your practice’s wellness goals.