Milo is 100% transaction based

This means you ONLY pay when you sell Milo Plans! Milo requires no contracts or monthly payments and we absorb all credit-card fees and transaction costs.


startup costs

All-in-one app to create custom plans, collect payment and manage plans


transaction fee

* Are you a practice group with 5 more more practices? Contact us for group pricing information

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you absorb transaction and credit card fees?


So I receive 90% of revenue from all plans sold and managed through Milo?

You got it!

Are there any set up or initial costs?

Nope! We’re purely transaction based. You don’t pay unless you sell a Milo Plan!

How do I get paid and how do I pay Milo?

All plans are automatically billed through Milo every month and you get 90% deposited directly to your bank account!

Helping you achieve your practice’s goals

Practices with Milo Plans are more profitable, capture clients that otherwise won’t follow preventative care recommendations, and help pet parents provide their furry family members with the best care possible.

10 -15%↑
Bottom Line
20 %↑
New Clients
2 x↑
Clinic Visits
Speak with one of our wellness experts today to discover how you can take advantage of Milo to reach your practice’s wellness goals.