How veterinary medicine is rapidly evolving

“The only constant is change” – Heraclitus of Ephesus

In an industry that’s notorious for resisting major change, recent years have shown a welcomed and fresh shift in our thinking. We often don’t think that something is broken when we aren’t aware of a better alternative, but once a solution is presented to us and implemented, we can’t even fathom going back to our old ways.

These are a few examples of recent trends in veterinary medicine that are shaping the future of this profession for years to come.

1. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems

We’ve seen practices leave behind the old paper and pen for a more efficient way of keeping medical records. EMR systems not only help veterinarians save time and better manage their records, but if properly leveraged, they also go a long way in providing insights for data-driven clinical decision making.

2. Practice Management Software (PMS)

Practice management software still isn’t perfect, but they have come a long way. When properly leveraged, your practice management software can go beyond helping you manage your daily tasks. For example, the report feature in many of these software can provide valuable insight into your business and help you conduct a thorough “financial check up”.

3. At-Home Diagnostic Tests

Pet owners now have the power to take preventative measures by performing various tests at home. The Canine DNA test Wisdom Panel, the Microbiome assessment tool Animal Biome and the DIY canine and feline urine testing tool Petnostics are just a few examples of the tools that are readily available.

4. Coming soon…

Veterinarians are just beginning to see the value of the information they’re collecting. With improved client satisfaction and retention using machine enhanced decision making, the use of data is sure to revolutionize day-to-day practices for veterinarians.

In a previous article we shared a few examples of commonly available data sources that can inform veterinarians when making recommendations to clients. Read it here.

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