How to sell more wellness plans

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

An ever-growing number of practices are now offering wellness plans. By bundling preventative care services and dividing the costs into affordable monthly payments, clients are more likely to adhere to your preventative care recommendations, and pet parents can now afford to provide their pets with the care that they deserve.

Corporate practices seem to be leading the charge in terms of wellness plans, likely because they have the resources to create and maintain effective and profitable wellness plans. 

Conversely, we’ve seen some smaller practices actually heading the other direction, and abandoning their wellness plan programs. Mainly, this is due to two reasons: first being that wellness programs can be challenging to manage. Second, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure profitability of these plans. One way to counteract this is to simply sell more wellness plans, which would justify your management efforts and increase guaranteed monthly recurring revenue for your practice.

Here’s a list of our top 3 tips to help you sell more wellness plans:

1. Optimize for value

A good wellness plan needs to be both profitable for your practice and valuable to your client. Increasing value doesn’t mean lowering your prices. Think of ways you can provide added value to your clients while keeping your costs reasonably low. Maybe you could include some great educational resources, or pass along supplier discounts and coupons on various products. Put yourself in the pet parents’ shoes and get creative with finding new ways to provide additional value for them.

2. Have the talk

Pet parents can sometimes be apprehensive to preventative care in general because they don’t think it’s necessary, and it can even be perceived as a money grab. It’s our job to communicate just how important preventive care is, and to help them understand the benefits of wellness plans. Show them that all of the services included in their wellness plan are important for maintaining the health of their pet, and that’s it’s really a no-brainer for them to enroll and take advantage of the cost savings that bundling provides.

3. Personalize the plan and the experience

Offering a personalized wellness plan will go a long way in increasing the value perceived by pet parents. They’ll feel like they’re getting everything that their pet needs and nothing that they don’t. It’s also important to take a thorough history and determine all of the breed and lifestyle risk factors for their pet, which makes the pet parent feel like they are participating in the creation of their pets’ personalized care plan. This not only increases the value of the wellness program in the pet parents’ eyes, but also increases the likelihood of pet parents following all of your advice.

Selling more wellness plans will not only help grow your practice, by generating guaranteed monthly recurring revenue, but it will also make a lasting impact in helping keep pets healthy and living longer. Imagine if all pet parents followed our recommendations for preventative care!

Our app, Milo, is a tool to help veterinary practices accomplish exactly what we’ve discussed. For practices that don’t offer wellness plans – we help you effortlessly create a wellness plan program from the ground up, and manage plans with ease. For practices already offering wellness plans – we help optimize your program to increase value for pet owners by allowing you to easily offer personalized plans to each pet, thus helping you sell more plans!

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