Data and Veterinary Practice

For veterinary practitioners, becoming confident in your diagnoses and recommendations takes years of experience. Wouldn’t it be great if you could incorporate real-time information directly from your patients to assist in your diagnosis?

There is no shortage of data available to help veterinarians confirm their diagnosis but the challenge is often analysing this data and seeing the story behind it.

Here are a few ways you can encourage pet owners to collect data at home:

  • Wisdom Panel is a canine DNA test where dog owners swab the inside of their dogs’ cheek, mail in the the sample and receive access to information, such as: Ancestry Features, Breed Features and screening for up to 150 genetic health conditions.
  • Animal Biome is a microbiome assessment tool that allows cat and dog owners to collect a stool sample, send it in, and receive the data they need to explore their dogs’ and cats’ microbiome.
  • Petnostics is a urine test that cat and dog owners can perform at home. Pet owners collect the urine sample and use the app to scan the lid of the test kit. Then the app will analyze the data for general health concerns, presence of bladder stones, diabetes and UTIs, and display the results.

Having pet owners collect data allows them to identify potential risk factors earlier. It encourages them to seek a veterinarian in time to help their pets get better quickly.

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