Category: Preventive Care

Why is preventive care compliance at an all time low?

Preventative care can include services such as vaccinating against common diseases, parasite testing and prophylaxis, regular blood and urine screening tests, dental care as well as therapeutic diets. Keeping up with preventative care helps to reduce the risk of serious health problems and enables veterinarians to intervene early. But why is preventative care compliance at […]

Are preventative care plans right for your practice?

As veterinarians, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of practice and miss out on opportunities to discuss preventative care with clients. Even though there are clear medical and financial reasons to promote preventative medicine, it is also something that can be easily overlooked by busy pet parents and caregivers. So how can you […]

4 ways to handle outstanding veterinary bills

Did you know that the average veterinary practice has over $80,000 in unpaid invoices? Veterinarians often find themselves in situations where they sacrifice profit margins due to their love for animals and their desire to provide the best care possible. But providing the best care for your clients doesn’t have to leave you with an […]

How to sell more wellness plans

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. An ever-growing number of practices are now offering wellness plans. By bundling preventative care services and dividing the costs into affordable monthly payments, clients are more likely to adhere to your preventative care recommendations, and pet parents can now afford to provide their pets with the care that they […]