Are you sitting on an information goldmine?

We’ve been busy talking to veterinarians, and there’s quite a buzz on the use of data to enhance clinical decision making. Veterinarians often don’t realize the amount of data they are already collecting and the impact it could have on their practice.

We’ve put together a list of commonly available data sources that can inform veterinarians when making recommendations to clients:

1. Medical Notes 

Odds are, you’re storing your medical notes and referring to them frequently. But ask yourself, what else could you be doing to make this process more efficient?

2. Diagnostic Reports

You likely use diagnostic reports to supplement your expertise and confirm your diagnosis. But are you getting the most out of them and if not, what’s stopping you?

3. Drug Logs

You most likely have a series of drugs that you prescribe most frequently. Knowing specific metrics, such as antimicrobial susceptibility, for these drug can help you make better recommendations when prescribing them.

4. Photos and Videos

What’s the best way to effectively gauge an animal’s behaviour without having to bring them in or going to visit them? Have your clients send you photos and videos, and by archiving these, you can compare current and past photos/videos to determine what actions need to be taken.

There are numerous opportunities to use data in your day-to-day decision making, so why not take advantage of them?

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