Wellness is a Team Effort.

We’re here to make preventative care accessible to every pet parent.

Milo is a comprehensive app for creating, launching and managing preventative healthcare plans for veterinary practices.

Better value for pet parents

More profit for your clinic

Effortlessly manage plans

Get started in under 1 hour


Individual risk assessment

Easily create individualized risk profiles for each pet based on breed and lifestyle risk factors.

Integrated management

Automated billing and management tools to track services redeemed, and to avoid missed payments.

Personalized plans

Automatically generate a preventative care plan personalized to each patient based on their individual risk profile.

Key business analytics

Quickly visualize your team's success and optimize pricing to ensure profitability for your practice.

Frequently asked questions

Wellness plans are designed to help cost-conscious pet parents afford routine preventative care treatments by bundling veterinary products and services at a discounted price, with monthly payments spread out over the year.

Wellness plans ensure affordable care for all pet owners and give pets the care that they deserve.

Traditionally, veterinary practices offer 2-4 generic wellness plans but this approach can lead to pet owners feeling like they are being sold something that they don’t really need.

With Milo Plans, the pet parent is involved in the creation of a personalized plan just for their pet, increasing the value for pet parents, while adding virtually no extra work for the practice managers and veterinarians.

We are currently accepting a limited number of test users. This means that once it’s ready, you’ll get free access to Milo during the beta period. All we ask is that you share your feedback and help us make Milo as close to perfect as it can be! If you’re interested, click here to submit a request.

Your pets deserve the best care. Talk to your veterinarian about offering Milo Plans and we’ll show them how easy it is to get started.

Milo Plans are provided by individual veterinary practices who want to make preventative care affordable to every pet parent. Insurance, on the other hand, is offered by a third-party company and usually only covers non-preventable illnesses and accidents.

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